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My 2022 Streaming Setup

How I stream from an Xbox Series X with an M1 Mac Mini.

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When Halo Infinite was released, I thought I'd make a valiant attempt to get back into streaming. Unfortunately, streaming via the Xbox's Twitch app is sub-optimal. As such, I looked into ways to use my M1 Mac Mini as the streaming machine.

The Hardware

The Software

A few thoughts.

The Asus TUF CU4K30 device works effortlessly with the M1 Mac Mini. It is plug-and-play. An alternative that I tried—the Elgato HD60 S+—was temperamental and cut out frequently, leaving me with a blank screen.

The M1-powered Mac Mini deals with streaming with aplomb. It takes a 4K 60Hz stream, downscales it to 1080P 60Hz, adds in a webcam, and streams happily and quietly. (To be clear, it's eerily quiet. The fans just don't come on.)

The Razer Seiren Mini USB Mic sounds excellent but needed some work with Loopback and Audio Hijack to remove background noise and keep things clear.

Software-wise, OBS is OBS. OBS tells me it's used in the region of 16% - 21% of the  CPU to stream. (On an Intel Mac, you'd hear the fans.) One gap I've come across is that XSplit's VCam software can remove backgrounds but replace them with a black background. This blackness is a macOS limitation, apparently—it doesn't support ARGB?—so I'm just blurring the background when streaming.

All in, I'm really happy with this setup and look forward to streaming more in 2022.

Streaming SetupM1 Mac MiniAsus TUF CU4K30