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Reduce Lag in Halo Infinite Multiplayer on Xbox

Reduce lag in Halo Infinite multiplayer matches through your router's configuration.

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Reduce Lag in Halo Infinite Multiplayer on Xbox

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed that the lag (ping) on Halo Infinite multiplayer has increased. This increase may be because the player pool is decreasing or due to changes 343i have made to matchmaking. Regardless, I've been in Ranked Arena matches where the ping has been in the range of 170ms - 230ms, which is incredibly frustrating—like being shot when you've already gone around the corner of a building frustrating.

On PC, you can block servers, so you only join matches with a low ping. On Xbox, it's a bit trickier, and you need to dig into your router's settings to limit the IP addresses to which it can connect—in this case, restricting it to Xbox server regions that are closer to you.

Below are the available Xbox server regions:

  • australiaeast –
  • southafricanorth –
  • westeurope –
  • southcentralus –
  • japaneast –
  • japanwest –
  • northeurope –
  • westus –
  • westus2 –
  • northcentralus –
  • eastus2 –
  • eastus –
  • southeastasia –
  • centralus –
  • brazilsouth –
  • eastasia –

How do you update your router settings? It depends on the manufacturer. However, below I've included instructions for updating a Netgear (Orbi) router, which I am using.

  1. Log in to the router by going to
  2. Navigate to Advanced > Advanced Setup > Static Routes
  3. Click Add
  4. Add a Route Name
  5. Enter the destination IP address from the server region list above that you want to restrict access to
  6. Enter as the IP Subnet Mask
  7. Enter your router's IP address as the Gateway IP Address (normally
  8. Enter 2 for the Metric
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for the other regions you want to restrict

As I am in Singapore, I allow access to Australia, Japan, South-East Asia, and East Asia, and my Static Route table looks like this:

Static Route Table

While this has reduced lag on my multiplayer matches considerably (nothing more than ~90ms), it does stop you from playing with friends who may be in other regions. So it's something to bear in mind.

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